Denver Never Stops Moving….at the Children’s Museum


The Children’s Museum of Denver is all about children and their grown-ups learning through play. With interactive exhibits,year – round special events, and daily educational programming, there is always something fun and exciting to do.

I took a trip to the Children’s Museum, and what a surprise! I really didn’t have any idea of what to expect. This is an amazing place for kids of all ages. The front sign says it all, “Children Learn by Doing”

If you will indulge me for just a moment and allow me to rant a bit. I am so tired of seeing kids walking around with electronic devices. Those devices have become an appendage, used to entertain while the parents do other things beside being engaged with their kids, teaching communication skills and learning patience. I even witnessed this at the museum. Not the kids, but the parents that couldn’t stay off their cell phones. What a lost opportunity to have some real play and learning time, without being “connected”.  OK, I am done, for now!


Your children can grow up in this exhibit, working their way from The Pond which is designed for infants to The Meadow, through The Grove and into The Village. This Play space is carefully designed to support the development of these important early learning principles

  • Large Motor Skills: Crawling, walking, climbing stairs and running
  • Fine Motor Skills: Grasping and releasing objects (big and small), reaching to objects, bilateral coordination – playing and building with soft toys and carrying toys
  • Sensory Thinking: Exploration of safe objects, hide and seek, and environmental sound exposure
  • Language: Using words and/or body to ask for toys, and recognizing color and shape names
  • Social Skills: Interacting with adults, sharing and taking turns with peers, exposure to new people and parallel play


Just in case a toy finds its way into a toddlers mouth, or becomes soiled, this is where you can put them so that they can be cleaned. ( I know some pediatrician offices that could use this concept!)


If you are still nursing, there is a room that can be closed off by the curtains for privacy.

There is something for every age including adults. An art studio, build and launch a rocket, engineer buildings, design trucks,Crawl through the ant hill, cozy up in the bird’s nest, observe and manipulate soapy science by making some gigantic bubbles,Learn all about fire safety in this REAL retired fire truck!,Shop the aisles and head through the checkout with carts full of healthy choices. And so much more!!


Thanks to Whole Foods this exhibit allows kids to go grocery shopping, go through the checkout and have fun with other shoppers.


There is a play area with picnic tables complete with very friendly squirrels looking for a free meal!

I can’t wait to go back this is the kind of place that your kids can grow up going to and continue to learn and enjoy.

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