Denver Never Stops Moving……recycled glass counter tops!

There is a new trend in kitchen counter tops, recycled glass.


There are unlimited designs, and colors. You can get as creative with this as you want.

images (1)

Seems like a win, win especially if you are thinking about the environment. There is some concern about using cement as a means to hold all those glass chips together. Personally, I feel the impact from this process is a lot less than filling our land fills with old counter tops that can’t be recycled.

images (2)

Glass counter tops have been around for a long time. They are just now starting to become popular. The love of granite is fading and people are looking for a new look.

Recycled glass countertops2

This company is pretty cool, check them out.

recycled glass

You can custom design your counter tops if you want to, get as artistic as you want!

images (3)My dog Jake, wanted me to add this picture! 

He says….woof_paw_print

images (4)

I love the look you can add color, and recycle old glass at the same time, and give your kitchen a unique look. There is another down side, recycled glass insulation is not cheap. But if you are looking for something new and different and you don’t want your kitchen to look like everyone else, this could be for you!

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