Denver Never Stops Moving… the Rockies Baseball Game!


It was Coldwell Banker night at the Rockies baseball game last evening. East year, Coldwell Banker buys blocks of seats for their agents. We are each given a certain number of seats to use as we choose. If we want more we can buy additional seats at a very low cost. We can take family, friends, clients, it is a great way to say thank you to all the people that have helped us with our Real Estate business.


I was so excited to go and invite some people that I had met since moving here. I knew that the seats were going to be in the nose bleed section so I was prepared. The seats were really good seats though, behind home base, so the view of the field was amazing.


For those of you that know me, you know that I have a severe problem with heights. I was able to take the elevator  to the 3 floor where are seats were. That was not a problem, it was then climbing the bleacher stairs to our seats that became an issue for me.

I went to the ticket agent to see if I could pay extra and buy a seat on the lower level, before climbing up the bleachers. Trust me that was plenty high enough for me. The ticket agent, Jeffrey, was amazing. I explained my problem and he helped me out. He told me that he could upgrade my ticket to the handicap section, where there were still unsold seats. As he was doing the exchange, his computer system went down. He said he would walk me to my seat, explain to the usher the situation, and return with my ticket when the system came back online. I could not believe that he did all of that for me. Jeffrey went above and beyond his duty last night. Because he did that I was able to see the game. Kudos to you Jeffrey!

My usher last night was Kathleen, she is working at the stadium over the summer. She is a full time student at the University of Kansas, studying Special Education. Kathleen is going to be an amazing teacher.


Kathleen came over to ask me what had happened. She said that she had never seen a ticket agent do what Jeffrey had done for me. She was so impressed by his actions that she she was going to pass it along to Jeffrey’s supervisor. Kathleen didn’t have to do that either.  There are so many negative things that happen to each of us everyday that I felt this story needed to be told. Kathleen and Jeffrey took the time to go above and beyond their own jobs to make sure that my experience at the ball park was a good one.

I moved to Colorado from Florida 3 years ago, and it just so happened that the Rockies were playing the Marlins last night.

I was not sure where to find parking in downtown Denver for the game. I went online and found this amazing parking garage that allowed me to reserve my parking space! All I had to do was drive to the address park, and walk across the street to the stadium. Who knew! It was perfection! Well almost, my GPS did not understand exactly where the entrance was, but we called and the attendant answering the phone told us how to find it. If you need to park downtown near Coors field, I recommend using LAZ Parking. Just go online and make your reservation. You will need to be able to print out your ticket confirmation.

While I was sitting in the stands I saw the Chris Mygatt, our regional President for Coldwell Banker, coming down the stairs. He stopped to say hello to me and we chatted for a bit. I met Chris once at an educational seminar when I first started with Coldwell Banker in May. I was surprised that he remembered me, but he did! I work for a great company

Chris Mygatt and Sondra Smith


It was an amazing evening, my granddaughter Bea came along to her very first baseball game. I was trying to teach her the famous, Ferris Buellers Day Off – Heeeeeeyyyy Batter Batter Batter…Swing Batter!! She is  a bit to young, but next year she will have it down! If you want to watch the scene from the movie click on the link below

Chris Mygatt with the Rockies Mascot!



Beautiful sky at sunset, what a view!



The Denver skyline after dark


 I had an wonderful time at the Rockies game, I am not going to tell you who won, but it wasn’t my mile high guys!

Once again, another wonderful experience in Denver. If you are here during baseball season try and get to a game, maybe you will run into Kathleen or Jeffrey!

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