Denver Never Stops Moving……Jake Meets his new Doctor!


Jake waiting to go to see his new Vet!

Moving to a new city is not only stressful for Humans but it is just as stressful for your pets.

I had to find a new vet to take Jake to. We both had some requirements. Finding a Dr. that believed in maintenance of health and not just treatment of a single disease. Someone that integrated traditional and complementary veterinary medicine.


Here we are at Harmony Veterinary Center, Jake is excited to go in and see what this place is all about.

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We were greeted immediately by very friendly staff. Jake and I were a bit early and we were asked to have a seat and they would be with us as quickly as they could. Jake usually gets very anxious at this point. He just laid down at my feet and waited. Ok, that is different for sure!

We were taken back to the exam room. I was expecting the usual, exam table that sort of thing, not here!



There was a basket full of toys and a doggie bed. Jake was in heaven!! He found one he liked and went right to the bed.


Jake waiting for his new Doctor to come in! There are windows in each door for easy viewing of what is going on.


Jake and his new best friends! Dr. Brown is amazing. When she came in she took the time to play with Jake, and put him at ease. She examined him on the floor, he was so relaxed. The exam took over an hour, I never felt rushed. Dr. Brown and her staff answered all of my questions and made recommendations.

Jake gives

Harmony Veterinary Center


Four Paws!

For more information call 303-432-8551

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