Creepy Crawlies

Ok, I know that everyone says that spiders will keep other bugs out of the house. But what if I don’t want spiders in the house!


The other night I went into my room, which by the way is in the basement, and found wild kingdom! Don’t get the wrong impression, the basement is fully remodeled, it is not a dark and dank space. There were two moths flying around, and as I pulled the blankets on my bed back, a huge spider came scurrying out. Probably upset that I disturbed him, because he was waiting to attack his late night snack.

I have discovered that spiders eat moths, and that moths really are only a food source for spiders, and bats. I don’t mind that I just don’t want it happening in my bedroom. I really do try and and not kill the insects, but that night it was all out warfare.


I have done some research to find out what can be done about this problem. I found out that spiders like basements,  cardboard and cool dark places to hide. We just moved so there is a lot of cardboard boxes still in the house.

I will tell you this, I am still happier than when I was living in Florida, with the palmetto bugs, aka large flying roaches, as big as you hand, and huge wolf spiders that see you coming and jump. I still say that they jump at you not away. Here is a tip about wolf spiders. Use a toilet brush to hit them. I found that using this method provides enough room between you and the spider, and it also works with one hit. I have been seen running , jumping and screaming to get away from one that was really mad that I had tried to induce physical harm.

Here is the article that I found that will help if you are looking for a natural way to eliminate the creepy crawlies. Good luck

Here is the article, I am going to give this a try and see if it works. I will let you know

Get rid of all the cardboard boxes around. Spiders love cardboard since it is a wood product and they also love wood.

Steps to Natural Spider Control
1. Find out how they are entering your home. Find and seal all cracks in basement walls and in window casings and doorways. If there is just a tiny crack in your house, spiders will crawl through.

2. Clean any places there are lots of spider webs, clean both inside and outside. Use a broom to sweep down if inside or use water to remove them outside.

3. Keep clutter picked up inside the house so spiders won’t have a place to hide. They won’t stay in an area that is completely smooth and clutter free.

4. Make your house unfriendly to other bugs. Spiders eat bugs, if their dinner isn’t handy, there’s no reason for them to hang around.

5. Inside the house, look under beds, couches, and other furniture for hiding places and clean out with a broom. Any spiders can be sprayed with an indoor spray formula (described below).

6. Essential oils:
Rose oil
Citronella Oil
Lavender Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Peppermint Oil
Citrus Oil
Tea Tree Oil
any of the above oils will kill spiders and other insects on contact!

A Natural Spider Spray Formula for inside the house: To get Immediate Relief from spiders inside the house buy 8 oz bottle of Peppermint or Lavender Soap, or any other natural soap. Go to your local drug store (I’ve found a great supplier at the local arts and crafts store) and buy 1 oz of Essential oil.
Add 5 tablespoons of the soap per quart water. Add 5 tablespoons of any natural citrus oil to the quart water which you added the soap and label it spider control spray. Add to sprayer and spray inside house where spiders are seen. Should be done as often as needed. This is not a long term solution but will provide you immediate help.

You can also add 1 drop of any of the above (depending on preference to you) to 1 quart of water:
Test for strength.

7. Spray outside the house: Spray outdoor trash and recycling binswith any natural soap. Use the same formula as in #4 to spray the containers and the area around it with. You can also use any natural citrus based cleaner at 1 oz per quart water. Spray around the outside of the house and along any places that you see too many of them.

8. Wear long sleeved shirt and long pants when cleaning up in areas you know have brown recluse spiders. Have spray bottle ready with spray formula.

9. Clean up around the outside of the house and garden. Less trash, less spiders. Less places for them to hide in. Do spring cleaning every year and get rid of piles of wood etc that you are not using. You will be glad you did.

10. Keep your trash bins away from the house because spiders will stay around them, hoping to catch the bugs that are attracted to them.

11. Remove old vegetation or wood from against the house foundations. Spiders like to hide in these things and often find entrance from there.

12. Trim back trees, bushes and other vegetation from touching the house walls.

13. Keep pet food tightly covered to keep from attracting bugs which attract spiders. (Don’t leave pet food in a dish all day.)

Some Additional Suggestions:
Put oil of pennyroyal on a cotton ball or scrap of cloth and place where you see spiders. (Use this with caution it is said that pennyroyal can be harmful to humans and pets. Personally I’ve never had a problem with it and actually love the smell.)
Borax in shallow lids or just sprinkle on the floor under couches or beds or wherever the problem area is.
Baking soda… same as borax.
Kerosene. Use it on window screens and sills as well as doorways. (Kerosene is flammable until it evaporates, so keep it away from flame or heat.)
Eucalyptus leaves in closets, drawers and under large pieces of furniture
Use osage orange (also called hedgeballs or mock oranges).
Chestnuts Proved Effective: Put chestnuts around the exterior walls of every room in the house as well as on all the windowsills.

A Good Use for Tobacco:
1) Get a package of pipe or chewing tobacco, soak it in a gallon of boiling water until it cools. Strain the liquid into a clean container. Put a cup of tobacco juice and 1/2 cup lemon dish soap into a hose-end sprayer and spray. This works on all kinds of bugs.
2) Put a package of chewing tobacco in a quart jar of water, and let the jar sit out in the hot sun for a day so that the tobacco has a chance to steep slowly. Then strain the mixture into a sprayer. This mixture is poisonous and can actually be absorbed by the skin, so be careful. It can also be absorbed by the leaves of plants, so don’t use it on food crops.
Spiders and Lemons: I don’t know if this is true or not but someone said that spiders have their taste buds on the tips of their legs and that they hate the taste of lemon pledge. Dust your windowsills and doorframes with lemon pledge, both inside and out, and any areas where they accumulate.

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