Washington Park Denver

Washington Park is a neighborhood and public urban park in Denver, Colorado. The Washington Park located in Denver, Colorado, United States is a beautiful blend of historic and contemporary styles of architecture. 
Washington Park, sits in the heart of downtown Denver, but you would not know it when you are at the park.
I decided to go and check it out. I can’t wait to go back!
These are available to rent, the large ones can hold up to 6 people. What a great way to see the park!
There is an amazing playground for the kids. It is adjacent to the lake and picnic tables
If you are feeling more like riding around the lake these are available to rent too
The gardens are amazing, with many benches to sit and enjoy their beauty.
This is my dog Jake, enjoying the park. Dogs are welcome at the park, but need to be on leash. Please remember to clean up after them!
Denver is a young cultural diverse city populated with citizens that love sunshine, fresh air, sports, physical fitness and acres of open green space. Denver residents enjoy over 300 days of Colorado sunshine a year and share a majestic view of the Rocky Mountains from any direction in the city. The citizens of Denver have inherited a rich legacy of beautiful parks, parkways and recreation centers and enjoy these benefits and a daily basis.
Denver has
  • 360 parks
  • 100 miles of parkways
  • 10 Sister City Parks
  • 14,000 acres mountain parks
  • 130 miles of trails

There is something for everyone here to enjoy!

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