Perambulation #2: Part 1-19th & California

Denver has some really nice architectural sytles

Ambulations @ Altitude


This last Tuesday I made my way over to 19th and California to check out the peculiar juxtaposition of spaces and architectural styles that is the Holy Ghost Church and its neighbor at 1999 Broadway, a multifaceted monstrosity of green glass and steel in the form of a high-rise office building that cradles the creamy Romanesque and Renaissance revival hybrid in the semi-circular coil of its modernist planes. When I first mentioned the idea of this blog to a friend and long-time Denver resident she immediately suggested this unusual pairing as a place of interest. I have since found that many Denverites are equally fascinated by downtown’s most striking architectural odd couple. From the corner  of 19th and California I walked another block and a half past the US Customs House to the Byron White Court of Appeals, one of the most well-known historical sites in Denver’s…

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